Ben is a really good friend of mine and over the years I’ve watched him improve and grow as a Producer and a DJ to where he is now, creating a very successful official remix for local pop star Calum Scott and DJ’ing at popular clubs all over the UK!

I took Bens previous set of promotional images around 2-3 years ago and Ben was keen to get some refreshed, higher quality and cleaner images that he could send to music labels and clubs when promoting his musical talents.

I used some simple 2 and 3 light setups which I knew would produce images with loads of detail and contrast, perfect for use on posters, flyers and other promo material. I positioned the lights above eye level and aimed them towards Ben from the side to add shadow and depth. I also added extra lighting to over-expose the white backdrop to make sure it was bright white rather than dull and patchy.

I’m really happy with these images, and I’m already seeing them being used by various clubs and venues all over the UK!

Ben’s Facebook Page

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Ben’s SoundCloud

© Carl Greene | Photographer, 2017