Had an awesome shoot with Chloe at a studio in Leeds. She has great look and a kick ass personality to match! My good friend and professional makeup artist Vicki Suddaby Makeup & Hair was responsible for the amazing hair & makeup for the days shoot and it was loads of fun. Big thanks to Ryan at ClarkHirst Photo for the use of his wonderful studio too!

Although I always shoot with my Digital SLR, this is the first shoot I also got to test out my Bronica ETRS medium format film camera from the 1970′s in a studio environment and I absolutely loved it! I find shooting film is so much more rewarding and it’s a really visceral experience. You need to think about each shot and its composition even more than shooting with a Digital SLR Camera (there are only 16 shots on each roll of film) and each different film gives a different look and feel to the images once you develop them.

I used some classic Fujifilm Neopan black & white film which had expired a few years ago. I did all the developing myself for the first time and  I wanted to keep the tones, grain and feel that the Neopan film offered as much as possible so once I had scanned them on to my computer I did very little post-processing in Photoshop. I love everything about this set, the quality and feel of the images is something that can’t be replicated with a digital camera and the whole experience with shooting on film is amazing..

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