Check out my latest set of images which form part of a Collaboration between myself and other independent businesses based in and around Hull. I was originally approached by a good friend and professional makeup artist Jess Burwell (JB Beauty) with some inspiration and image ideas based around the use of a mask and an elegant dress.

Jess wanted to create a mask by hand from black sequins, applying them directly to the models face as a one off, individual piece. Once it was completed it looked absolutely amazing and contrasted really well with the style I was looking to achieve. (The mask, Hair & Makeup took Jess around 2 hours to complete on set!).

Lou Hamlet is a local, Hull based model. She was great fun to work with and looked absolutely stunning in the elegant white dress provided to us by Hull city centre dress shop Alex Ashleigh Dresses! After a lot of discussion and hard work throughout the creative process with Jess, Lou & Alex this is the end result! It was a great experience which has produced some wonderful, striking imagery and I look forward to further collaborations in the future!

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© Carl Greene | Photographer, 2017