Niccolas is a bit of an urban explorer and a really cool guy who owns Hulls first backpacking hostel in Hull known as The Hull Trinity Hostel! He got in touch with me to get some portrait photos, only rather than just going somewhere and getting “normal” portraits taken he had the great idea of going to do some urban exploration at the same time!

We decided to go and explore the derelict Rank Hovis flour mill in the centre of Hull. It originally opened in 1891 and has a Victorian style mill which was damaged in 1940 during WWII bombings. The main 85m/23 storey building was constructed in the 1950’s and prior to the mills closure in 2005 it held the position of being the 2nd largest milling centre in the UK. The building is now being torn down to make way for a new hotel which will be ready in 2017 when Hull becomes the city of culture.

Walking around and exploring the vast spaces on each of the buildings floors was really cool, most of the heavy machinery had been removed leaving huge holes in the floors so we had to be careful where we stepped! We had a fun day, explored some really cool areas and got some awesome photos for Nic (which was the top priority!). We ended the day’s adventure relaxing on the roof, taking in the amazing views of Hull & the surrounding areas before it started raining!

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© Carl Greene | Photographer, 2017